Do not be quick to take offense.​—Eccl. 7:9.


Covenant Devotion

Do not be quick to take offense.​—Eccl. 7:9.

It is not easy to control our emotions when we feel that we have been slighted or treated unjustly. It can be devastating if we are mistreated because of our ethnic background, the color of our skin, or some other physical difference.
How much greater the pain is if it is caused by a fellow Christian! How wise it is to apply the Bible’s counsel to control our temper and avoid being quick to take offense!


(Prov. 16:32) No doubt all of us need to work at being less sensitive and more forgiving. Jehovah and Jesus take forgiveness very seriously.

(Matt. 6:14, 15) Do you need to be more forgiving or to give attention to controlling your emotions? People who fail to control their emotions often become bitter.
As a result, others may not want to be around them. A bitter individual can exert a bad influence in the congregation.​—Lev. 19:17, 18.
Jesus is Lord

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