Spiritual Moment ! ! ! !


Spiritual Moment ! ! ! !
A soldier was in a battle field fighting against the
Their side was overpowered and all except him were
The soldier sensing his death is near, he ran away as
fast as his legs could carry him.
He reached upon a rocky mountain which was so
steep he could not climb to escape his pursuers.
So he began praying silently,
“God save me from death and I will live to worship
So he came upon several caves on the face of the
rocks and he got into one of the caves.
He heard his enemies searching from one cave to
another and if the cave was dark they would explode
it with a grenade so that whoever is inside would die
in there.
The man got so terrified since he knew even if they
do not see him, he will still die because they will
bomb his cave.
So he prayed to God, “Oh my God, deliver me”.
At that time, a spider appeared in front of the cave he
was hiding and began building a spider web.
He questioned God,
“God, instead of building a brick wall, you send a
spider to build a mere web??? How is that going to
save me??”.
With that he just lay there waiting to be bombed.
As the enemies came to the cave he was hiding,
one soldier was about to launch a grenade inside the
cave but his commander shouted,
“You idiot, can’t you see a thick spider web at the
entrance, do you want to waste our ammo?”
He asked,
“What does that mean sir?”
His commander replied,
“It means if he got in this cave, he would have broken
this spider web, in short there is no soul inside there,
lets move on”
And so they continued bombing the other caves.
The man got saved!! Phew …
He knelt before God and prayed,
“Forgive me God for looking down upon your
provision, thanks for saving my life”.
Lesson ! ! ! !
You might be in a big problem, just keep praying to
God may answer by giving you a provision which
appears so minor, but never forget that a spider web
built by God is much more stronger than a brick wall
built by human beings.
Your marriage may be on its death bed,
Your relationship may be dying,
Your job might be dying,
Your health might be failing.
But God will do something which seem so
insignificant to you and all will be well.
May GOD deliver You from your Current Problems.


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