Let us Pray;
Our Father in Heaven, we come before You this Thursday Morning in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Father we thank You for another day and thank
You for us being able to see and hear this
We are blessed because of Your Grace, for You are
a Forgiving God. Forgive us for everything we have
done, said or thought that was not pleasing to
You. We ask now for Your forgiveness. Please
wash up our hearts and keep us safe from all
Dear Lord, fight for us. For the Bible in Exodus
14:14 says that ” The Lord will fight for you. Just
stay calm “.We know, only You God can calm our
storm in our lives and in our hearts.
Dear Lord, here we come again praying for those
who are hurting and being troubled in any way.
Bless them all who are suffering from sickness,
lack of finances, houses and food for Nothing is
impossible with You Almighty God. We pray that
You fill our hearts with Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,
Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and
self- control in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Renew our strength Heavenly God for we belong to You.
In the midst of our loneliness and fears You
always help us for You are always with us each
moment of our lives. Be with us, Lord,in our time
of need.
Heal us in body, soul and spirit that we
may rejoice in Your Grace and Blessings in this
world for You will never leave us nor forsake us.
Loving God You are our only Hope and Our only
Refuge. We pray for the lonely, the sick, the poor,
the discouraged, the heartbroken and the defeated
in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Father remember them and change their destiny in
the name of Jesus Christ. We love You Lord for all
the mighty and amazing things you do for us each
Make our faith strong and to walk with You in the
light daily to feel the warmth of Your love. Start
this day with us Oh Lord and end it with us for
without You we are Nothing.
In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name We Pray……..


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