Let us Pray;
Loving God in Heaven,
We present ourselves before your Holy Presence this Monday Morning in the Name of Jesus Christ.
We thank you Jehovah
Shalom for making it possible for us to wake up
safely this Morning. Indeed we are happy and
rejoicing in you for you are always with us and You
will Never Leave or Forsake Us.
Father God continue being with us and let our hearts continue
desiring Your Presence for we know that without
yielding to your calmness and contentment, we will
succumb to frustrations and irritations of this
World. We seek your help today; Make us more
aware of our emotions and our attitudes towards
Your Will Loving Father.
Remind us that we have control over the attitudes
that we choose to present to the world. Remind us
that we can learn to overcome every challenging
situation today and forever more in Jesus Christ’s
Mighty Name by putting on the shoes of peace and
displaying an even temper. Remind us Lord this
morning to show kindness to other people. Give us
more ability to receive your love and give it away
to others today. Help us to work hard and do our
best in this life. But help us to care more about
loving others than we care about getting tasks
Lord, we want to grow spiritually this day.
We want to be more Christ-like through out this
life for blessed are those that humble themselves
before your presence and seek your righteousness
always. Today cause us to focus on developing the
fruit of the spirit instead of pleasing ourselves.
Today we thank you Lord, for leading us towards
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Today we
praise your Holy Name On Lord Lord, and we
celebrate your love for us in the Mighty Name of
Jesus Christ.
Father help us not be so wrapped up the hustle
and bustle of life around us that we even fail to
see and hear your call. Help us Father to slow
down and wait for your direction and your will to
be revealed to us. Father, help us to recognize
where there is need in our communities and to
inject the gifts that you have enabled us with to be
able to help meet those needs. Help us Loving
Father to share the Gospel through love and
compassion towards others that we encounter your
love and care from You in return.
Guide our every step and light our path Almighty God.
the sick, the imprisoned, those with financial
challenges and all those who are faced with
various challenges of life. Father touch them at
their various points of need as you are a Caring
and Loving God.
As we step out for different duties this morning,
Father we pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that
you will continue guiding and protecting us.
Provide to us traveling mercies, guide and protect
us in our various places of work. Let your favor
manifest in our places of work today and forever
more so that others may know and believe that
you are always with those who seek your presence
in spirit and in truth. Let us receive the promotions
we deserve for you promised us that we will not be
tails but Heads in every area or situation we find
ourselves. Bless the works of our hands Mighty
God and Let us continue glorifying Your Holy Name
as You are the Giver of every good things we have
in our lives. May your love and care cover our
families, relatives and friends today and forever
more King of Glory.
We dedicate this day and the entire week in your
Holy Hands; Start with us and end with us Loving
Father. We are happy this morning because all our
prayers have been answered.
In the Mighty Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ We Pray……..


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