Let us Pray;
Almighty God we come before you this Sunday
Morning in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. We
thank you Gracious Lord for being with us through
out the night.
We cancel any evil dreams that the
devil might have given us during our sleep as We
know that he comes to steal, to destroy and to kill
everything positive in us.
Father we pray that you
will continue protecting, guiding and covering us
with the Blood of Jesus Christ so that the enemy
does not succeed in all his evil ways and plans
against us.
Thank Father for the week that ended
yesterday, we thank you again for this new week.
Father we pray and dedicate this entire week in
your Holy Hands. We pray that the Holy Spirit will
continue being with us throughout the week to give
us comfort, guidance and protection in Jesus’
By the protection of the Blood of Jesus
Christ, We refuse any negative things to happen to
us in this new week. Let us enjoy the week in your
name and be glad in it for you have made it for us.
Master Holy God we love and adore You with all our
Thank You for creating us and making us
Christians. We offer You all our works and actions
today and in the entire week in the Name of Jesus.
We offer You all our thoughts and intentions, all
our affections and desires. We gladly offer these all
throughout the day. Grant them that they may be
in accordance to Your will and only for Your
greater glory, Sovereign Lord.
Keep us away from all sin and evil. Let Your grace
always be with us and our loved ones. We pray
that we never lose sight of you all day long. Accept
our desire and take our offerings, dear God. Let us
die for love of You and Let our last heartbeat be
an act of perfect love like how Jesus has showed
We pray for the sick people both at home and
in hospitals, Father stretch your Holy Hand and
heal them in the Name of Jesus.
We also pray for
all those who will be going to church today and
those who will be travelling to and from different
destinations. Father go before them and protect
them against any kind of accidents in Jesus’
Father be with those prisons, be with the
broken hearted, those in financial crisis and those
in different challenges of life.
Touch them Loving
God at their various points of needs and continue
being their source of comfort and happiness. We
dedicate this day and entire week in your Holy
Hands. Father start with us and end with us our
Alpha and the Omega for we are nothing without
In the Mighty Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ We


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