Let us Pray;
Dear Loving Father In Heaven, we come before you
this Tuesday Morning in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Thank you Merciful God for guiding and protecting
us through out the night. Today we come to you
and thank you for blessing us once more. Father,
we approach you today with humility and
repentance. We know Father that we make many
mistakes which are influenced by our sinful nature.
Help us Father, cleanse us from within and outside.
Fill us with the Holy Spirit and purify our hearts
and our deeds. Help us to be willing to allow the
necessary molding of our souls so that we may
live a life pleasing of you. A life of love and a life of
holiness. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive
who trespass against.
Holy Father we pray for those who are grieving
today, those who are suffering physically, those
who are facing uncertain times in their lives, those
who a struggling emotionally and financially
including those who are struggling spiritually.
We know that you are sovereign in all things Mighty God.
Today Father, we ask you to move on those
with various challenges of life. We pray for your
presence to be with them today and every single
day of their lives. We pray Father that they may
know that they can put their faith and trust in you
always. Father, we pray for total healing in our
bodies and we know that healing comes in many
forms and at the right time. We pray for success in
whatever right thing we do. We pray for total peace in our Country.


Father, we also lift up and pray for those who
attend to the sick and those who visit the
imprisoned. We know Father that they do what
they do because they care. Bless them today
Father and encourage them in all they do. Help us
Father; guide and protect us today on our way
going and on our way coming.
In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name We Pray…………


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