4 ways to fight for your love, make it work


4 ways to fight for your love, make it work


This is how both partners can fight for their love: 1. By leaving room to discussion: always create space so that your partner will be able to discuss with you when a problem arises. Do not create cocoons around yourselves.

2. Understand that you both need each other: no partner has more value than the other. You should both know that a woman has her importance in the relationship, the same as the husband.
Each has an important role to play


3. Pain and hurt is something both of you may experience: sometimes you may find yourselves hurting each other but this won’t last, rather, it is temporal. It won’t last.

4. Shield yourselves from bad influence: one of the ways of fighting for your love is to stay away from bad influence which might ruin your love. Among these would be ladies who want to steal your man, ladies who always tell you negative sides of him and so on. The same for the man, he should stay away from bad influence of men who want to steal his woman and those who want to harm her.
Thus, protecting each other should be a goal that both partners should pursue.


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