Difference Between KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM.

Difference Between KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM.
¤ Knowledge is knowing how to manage your
money , budgeting, spending, saving.
¤ Wisdom is understanding how money impacts
the quality of your life and your future.
¤ Knowledge is learning how to paint and using
that skill to cultivate a livelihood.
¤ Wisdom is expressing your passion through
painting and understanding that art is a form of
communication that touches the lives of others.
¤ Knowledge is knowing which things, practices,
people, and pleasures make you happy.
¤ Wisdom is knowing that while those things may
bring you pleasure, happiness is not derived from
things or situations or people. It’s understanding
that happiness comes from within, and that it’s a
temporary state of mind.
¤ Knowledge & wisdom is valuable and both have
a place in our lives. The difficulty lies in the fact
that many of us are unclear as to their differences,
percieving the terms and their application to be
interchangeable. Being clear and consciously aware
of how our minds are engaged may be important
to getting the most out of knowledge & wisdom.
While acquiring and applying information is
valuable in and of itself, we also need to distill and
judge that information, and ultimately find the
deaper meaning and relevance to the whole of our
lives. Perhaps the truest form of knowing is in
acquiring knowledge & wisdom and understanding
how they each enhance the quality and experience
of life.



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