For Immediate Release)


_(For Immediate Release)_
The Malawi Congress Party is gravely disillusioned, daunted and immeasurably flustered by the wave of attacks and unchecked acts of violence in this country.
Through this statement, the Malawi Congress Party condemns the sad tendency which is not only on the increase but is left untamed by the DPP-led Government under whose powers all lives and property of the citizenry have been placed.
Just recently, we saw torching down of two vehicles belonging to the United Transformation Movement (UTM) in Mangochi.
As if that was not bad enough and as we await delivery of justice over the same, we hear of the petrol bombing of the Centre For Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) offices in Area 47 in the city of Lilongwe.
As a political party founded on the four cornerstones and whose leader, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, MP, always emphasizes the value of life and genuine peace and tranquility, we totally condemn the petrol-bombing of CHRR offices in strongest possible terms.
The Malawi Congress Party will never brook or condone acts of this nature and magnitude regardless of who orchestrates them and where they happen from.
This is why we will always condemn such acts even when they take place within our own circles and ranks as a Party because unchecked violence will only breed anarchy and underdevelopment.
What is more worrisome is the fact that these horrible incidents are happening at a time when the President of this country, Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika has been telling Malawians that he will punish all his critics by dropping a ton of bricks over them. One wonders, therefore, whether these attacks form part of such threats from the President.

Our Republican Constitution provides for all freedoms for the citizens of this country including that of demonstrating peacefully. The Malawi Congress Party strongly feels that those behind the bombing of CHRR offices are not only thugs and cowards, they are worse even, enemies of the rule of law and the peace Malawi deserves unequivocally.
This is why the Malawi Congress Party believes that any attack on critics has a potential of muzzling our democracy, raping our Constitution and terrorizing peace-loving citizens of this country.
The worst scenario Malawi wants to witness is when constitutionalism is deliberately being obliterated by egocentric obsession tailored by lawlessness.
We are calling upon President Arthur Peter Mutharika to observe his speeches because as a leader he is supposed to be fatherly in his conduct so as to entrench peace, harmony and tolerance among the populace all the time.
The Malawi Congress Party is also calling upon the Malawi Police Service to always act and serve Malawians professionally, expeditiously and impartially so that justice is not frustrated nor is it applied selectively.
The Malawi Congress Party is also calling upon leaders of all calibre in their respective juridictions to exercise restraint and caution in the manner we utter our statements as any interpretation resulting from the same may be the root of chaos, violence and even loss of innocent lives.
We have one nation whose future lies in the hands of us all. But most of all, the future which demands the attention of a responsible and visionary government.
*Hon Maurice Munthali*
*Publicity Secretary*
_Monday, 3rd September 2018_


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