Most people exchange kisses as a way of expressing love and affection.


Most people exchange kisses as a way of expressing love and affection. Therefore, If life were fair, it would be impossible to catch anything remotely bad from a kiss. However, in addition to things like the common cold and the flu, it is actually possible to contract various illnesses from a make-out session. Here are potential infections you are likely to contract from kissing:


Herpes may be incurable, but it doesn’t make you an outcast.The thing about it is that it sometimes creates cold sores in and around the mouth. “If you’re kissing someone with lesions in their mouth, mucous membranes make herpes easy to transmit,”. Sometimes a person may not be currently experiencing an outbreak, a phenomenon known as”asymptomatic shedding” but still can transmit the virus. And if they go down on you, they could transmit the virus to your genitals.


“Syphilis is a highly infectious condition, and one of its hallmarks is the development of sores in the mouth,” Antonio Pizarro, M.D., says. The sores, which are usually round and open, “combine to make syphilis transmissible through kissing,”. Kissing isn’t the most common way to transmit syphilis—oral, anal, and vaginal sex are still ranked higher. But syphilis rates are currently on the rise. If you or your partner has syphilis-related sores in your mouth, you should clear up the virus with the help doctor-prescribed antibiotics.



Some meningitis cases are caused by bacteria while other cases come about because of viruses (including the herpes virus). Chris Carpenter, M.D., section head of Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, tells that, Close contact with a person who has viral meningitis can result in you getting the virus.

Bacterial meningitis is usually the kind associated with outbreaks because it can be spread through close contact, including kissing, but unlike with the viral variety, the bacteria are more likely to cause meningitis in the host. Symptoms include a stiff neck, fever, and headache.


Kissing doesn’t just involve swapping spit-it also includes exchanging bacteria with the other person. Depending on both of your oral health care habits, that bacteria can cause gingivitis, which is a mild form of gum disease. It can also cause cavities. When someone has poor hygiene, certain bacteria in and around the gum tissue can become overwhelming. They can pass that bacteria to you via kissing, which can potentially result in the typical inflamed, red gums that signal gingivitis. Maintain excellent oral healthcare by brushing twice a day and flossing before bed so no matter what kind of bacteria someone’s introducing into your mouth, you’re on it before it can grow

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