Just analysis what he say to day the vice President saulis chilima


Just analysis what he say to day the vice President saulis chilima

Vice President Saulos Chilima started his address by calling all to respect those who lost lives in the July 2011 demos. He said: The tendency of intimating Malawians is slowly starting to take its roots back in the country. I am not afraid and you too shouldn’t.
” I want to incite so much that if we were to go to vote tomorrow , change must happen.

Chilima appeals to the gathering at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe to vote for UTM in
# 2019tripartiteelections to do away with corruption , nepotism and unnecessary killings.
He promises merit-based promotions in the civil service.
Chilima: “May I call on those who have stolen government money to start paying that back. Next year, we will only give an amnesty of 30 days for all those to pay back our money.”
He says his government will also abolish the quota system of selecting students into public universities.
He says: “Quota system is satanic and evil.”

Chilima: “In the first 6 months, we shall ensure that nobody leaves school due to poverty. We will create one million jobs and once again we will hunt all those stealing our money.”
He claims that government has bought a spy machine to spy on the citizens.
“We know you also want to use this machine to tamper with next year’s election results; try all you can to do that, we will face each other come May 2019.”
He finished his statement with a strong message warning those in government against spying on the citizens saying it is evilabuse

saulos Chilima says if nothing is done to control corruption in Malawi, the country may be left penniless come next year.
He says: “K145 million payout to DPP and the President is just a tip of the iceberg , there is more rot in government. In days to come I will expose more corrupt activities happening including in the procurement of Escom generators.”
He then encouraged his followers to be courageous if they are serious about making meaningful change. He spoke strongly against those who threaten fellow Malawians by sending them anonymous text messages saying “we are not afraid”.
Chilima says United Transformation Movement (UTM) will work to strengthen mechanisms which can protect the public purse from abuse

Lucius Banda: There comes a time that one needs to forget about his tribe and all affiliations to fight for true and meaningful change… We fought for multiparty democracy and here we are..

National organising Chairperson for United Transformation Movement Noel Masangwi who is also Blantyre City East MP says in 2011 late President Bingu wa Mutharika warned them against making Peter Mutharika leader of the country. He did not say much on this saying he will say more at the next meeting in Blantyre.


Patricia Kaliati has taken a swipe at those calling them ‘disgruntled’ saying they are indeed disgruntled seeing what the nation has become. She mentions poor service delivery in health facilities and high unemployment rate in the country as some of the issues that is troubling the nation.

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