We living in a sick world.


We living in a sick world.
So many lovely hearts got heartbroken still thirsty
for a piece of love. The past left so many wth tears
and yet so many cry when they think of the past
Coz it hurts to live beautiful wth someone ..
Dream passionately and love wholeheartedly yet ur
heart payed back with rejection and betrayal
If the past leaves u wth nothing but tears its the
best time to move on And never lose hope Coz love
comes to those who never lose hope even
It comes to those who believe even betrayed
Love comes to those who still love even been hurt
Don’t let the past ruin the beauty of tomorrow. U
wil never know what Gods holds u. So keep goin
no matter how stuck ur life seem to be.
I promise one day ….u wil find Happines that will
overcome the stress of the past.


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